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At the Sigala Diving School-we offer the "Real Diving"
Experienced Owner SSI Instructor Certifier Sigala Shoham and her "hand-selected" staff will personally guide each scuba diving student or the curious "first time introductory diver", safely down into the magical underwater world of the Red Sea.

This "High Quality" and "Professional" diving instruction is delivered in small groups-usually never exceeding 4 diving students per instructor. This allows Sigala and her instructors to pay close personal attention to each diver and allows them to cater to the individual needs of every diving student. The diving course instruction is kept simple and easy to understand and allows for "experience-based" individual growth in a stress free environment. This environment and personal attention to detail provides the time required to learn and master the diving techniques.

Each scuba diving course allows the student to progress safely at their own pace with attention given to every detail through patient and personal instruction.

At the Sigala Diving School, scuba divers do not only learn just to dive-but to do it in a safe and proper manner.

**Additional instruction and training can be arranged free of charge as needed on an individual basis.

-Individual classes for special cases are arranged on a case by case basis for those desiring addtional or more comprehensive and personal diving instruction)

Traveling to Israel? Coming to Eilat for the holidays? Come SCUBA DIVE with us and get the most of your vacation!
Don´t waste your precious vacation time, waiting in long lines at the other dive centers in Eilat. **Let us come pick you up at your hotel or better yet, stay at our spacious and cozy villa on the same site as the diving school (for more information see ) but if you are staying at a local hotel, let us pick you up and deliver you to our diving center front door. This type of personal and low stress environment are the trademark at Sigala Diving School, we take pride in catering to the customer with personal attention before and after the diving experience. Let us be a part of your next vacation to Israel and Eilat, the beach paradise on the Red Sea.

** Hotel pickups and drops should be arranged prior to arrival-subject to restrictions on high seasons and holidays.

***Ask us about special packages-scuba diving courses, villa room accomodations all in one phone call or email.

Only the Best Diving Equipment in Eilat to make your diving experience the "ultimate diving experience"!
You will be using only the best and most up-to-date scuba diving equipment on the market. We constantly maintain and rotate equipment to provide for the best scuba diving equipment and diving experience. Safety is paramount to us. We maintain and service our Buoyancy Control Devices (BCD) and Diving Regulators in accordance with and above the strictest standards set by SSI and the Diving authorities.

Wetsuits, boots, hoods, mask and fins are all offered for diving student or introductory dive use. All diving equipment is washed and disinfected after every use-so that you always get clean and safe working equipment. Safe Equipment means Serious DIVING fun.

All Scuba Diving Courses and Introductory Dives are held in Eilat, Israel in the Beautiful Red Sea.
For further details, contact us via this site or call us at +972-54-3030857-Israel/Worldwide.

Our New Diving School location is in the Mishol Chazav 6 Eilat, Israel.

Come join us at Sigala Diving School-Eilat, Israel for the "ULTIMATE DIVING EXPERIENCE".

Our Team

Sigala Shoham

Sigala Shoham

Instructor Trainer


Instructor Trainer






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