Scuba Diving Course for Diabetics


The Sigala Diving School is proud to announce that we are the only Scuba Diving School in Eilat and one of only a few in Israel, that cater to the special training demands of teaching scuba diving courses to Diabetics.

Scuba Diving can prove to be quite challenging and time consuming for the Diabetic, it requires continuous monitoring of the blood sugar levels at the beginning of the diving day, prior and after each and every dive.

Prior to enrollment in a scuba diving course, a medical statement is required from the diabetic stating that the diver is capable of accomplishing the demanding task and changing conditions involved with scuba diving. Once this approval is received at Sigala´s Dive School, the enrollment process can be completed and a course scheduled.

This scuba diving course is an individual course that pay close attention to each diver and their special needs. The diabetic diver is recommended to provide a test kit and all necessary medications with them throughout the course. This is due to the differences in test kits and the comfort level of the diver to feel secure in their progress through the course. 

Each day and each dive begin and end with a glucose level check, if necessary, the dives are timed to meet the needs of the diver to meet the requirements of the course.