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Several years ago, I was first introduced to the magical world of scuba diving and I fell in love with this enchanted world. It has been Seven years ago now, I finally realized my dream of becoming a diving instructor, took a huge leap, and have been grateful ever since. The opportunity to share the great love for marine life and the joy diving with my students. Today, I own my diving school with a great staff and amazing diving instructors.

My certifications are:

SSI- Instructor Trainer dive leader!

PADI- Master Scuba Diver Trainer  

CMAS – up to DM, specialization in instruction of children

IANTD  - Up to DM and other specializations

ANDI - SafeAir Instructor Level 2

EFR- CPR/AED/Firsrt Aid - Infant/Child/Adult


Sigala offers a different kind of instruction


Taking a diving course is fun, especially when taught by professional, well experienced instructors. A diving instructor, less than professional, can dampen your enthusiasm, spoil the entire course and cultivate long lasting frustration.
 A truly professional instructor can foresee possible difficulties and so well knows how to resolve problems as they arise, to guarantee a successful, quality experience. I promise to teach you diving the right and professional way, to be patient with you and make available to you the vast knowledge I have acquired throughout the years.

Limited group size 

Instruction groups are significantly smaller than the common standard, and never exceed 4 participants! The advantages of the limited group size are obvious – the instructor can devote far more time to each diver and as a result, instruction is highly personal, and more time can be spent underwater.  

Actual “wet time”

The minimum diving time exceeds 25 minutes. My diving motto is ‘Experience Makes the Diver’, the more you dive, the better diver you become!

Special, personal instruction

Some people would very much like to learn to dive, but fear and past trauma prevent them from doing so. Such fear can be easily conquered through simple exercises in the water, special technique and personal instruction.

Environmental Protection and the Diver

Protecting the environment and maintaining ecological balance in the water (and above) are very close to my heart. The love and respect for underwater life are an essential element of my instruction.

New high-quality diving gear

Gear is replaced every 6 months. Diving gear is the bridge between the diver and the amazing, silent underwater world. Suitable and comfortable gear is essential for safe and enjoyable diving. Sigala offers you new gear, including dive boots to ensure that entering the water and walking out is absolutely comfortable. 

To sum up, the experience, know-how, patience and positive approach based on years of experience, form the backbone of my diving instructor profile. Happy, good divers are the fruit of my work. The contact never ends once the course is over and students keep in touch with me, attend further, advanced courses to achieve higher ranks, and of course we go together on diving expeditions, including diving safaris in Sinai and Aqaba and diving in Eilat.

Our new address is  Odem st. villa no.2 Eilat

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