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The Best diving school in Eilat
5 of 5 stars Reviewed February 1, 2012

I was surprised by the excellent service prrovided by the kind and professional staff. The attention to detail and personal care made a world of difference. Can´t wait to.



“The Best in Eilat.”

 Reviewed January 15, 2012 

I took the 5-day open water course. It was amazing. Each day I learned a little more that would make me a safe diver. My instructor, Asaf, was patient and made sure I was competent in each skill before moving on to the next. And the Red Sea is spectacular! I am now certified for life and will start my diving journey and explore the seas.
I stayed with Sigala during my trip which was tons of fun. Now she has moved to a bigger villa with 7 rooms, a pool, and in walking distance to the city center. A true haven for divers–their home away from home.



“Amazing experience led by pure professionals” 

 Reviewed December 20, 2011  

I chose Sigala´s Diving School after receiving quite a few recommendations from friends and reviews and I am very pleased with this choice. Sigala´s approach of having small groups in her courses, and the personal attention she offered, have made this an amazing experience for me, and something I´ve enjoyed very much.

The professional staff, the highly maintained equipment and the general approach made me feel safe and in good hands.

It was great fun! Highly recommended!!!

Visited December 2011



“Best Diving experience Ever!” 

 Reviewed December 16, 2011  

I went for 5 days for a new diving experience. Booked a course at the last minute relying on the reviews. I must say I made the right choice! My instructor was Asaf. He is a wonderful and patient teacher. Even tho I dove before, I still had a fear of water. Asaf is the one who not just teached me to be a safe independent diver, but to feel confident and safe even in extreme underwater situations. Thanks to his sense of humour, he made me enjoy every minute of this diving experience. I would definitely reccomend Sigala school. The price, equipments and service are worth it 100%!
I am absolutely sure where my next course will take a place ;)

Visited December 2011 



“Best Diving in Eilat” 

 Reviewed November 10, 2011  

Did my OWD with SIgala and can honestly say that the experience was great. Siggy and her staff are very professional, the equipment is well maintained and they really take good care of their students and make every effort to make your first diving experience to be safe and at the same time comfortable. I can highly recommend! ***** star experience!

Visited August 2011 



“Excellent Service. Great Equipment. Fun in the warm Red Sea!”

 Reviewed November 3, 2011 

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Sigala was the only dive center that answered our initial email inquiry - I didn´t hear back from any other dive shop that I had emailed prior to arrival to answer questions etc.

The dive shop can be hard to find - it´s BEHIND Pro Dive which is down the road from all the other dive shops on the right side. Not knowing this, our taxi dropped us off at the main dive shops and then we had to trek down the street with our gear. You cannot see Sigala Dive Shop from the road.

Diving in the red sea is warm, fun and fascinating. Like diving in the Caribbean in terms of warmth and scenery. Definitely better than diving in the Mediterranean.

We saw lots of families and kids learning scuba diving so if this is what you´re looking for - you´re at the right spot. Sigala also makes a point to dive in small groups - whereas the other dive shops in the area seem to dive in larger groups (unless you pay extra for a private tour)

Showers/toilets available at Pro Dive´s shop in the front as is comp water. Sigala has lockers, although they are small so don´t bring anything too big.

Now for a couple things to be aware of re: diving in Israel in general - not specific to Sigala...
**BEWARE** If you haven´t dove in 6 months with provable documentation upon checkin - the Israel government requires you to take an expensive hard-core refresher course at whichever dive center you go to. This isn´t something you can pay your way out of - you literally have to sit there for an hour in a classroom setting listening to the dive master. It is painful so dive before you come to Israel - so you don´t have to suffer like we did.

Then when you dive, you have to go on a shallow dive because you must perform basic skills like mask removal, octopus retrieval, weight belt on/off etc.. Frankly the government rule is ridiculous so we´ll probably just dive in Aqaba next time to avoid all the red tape.

2nd thing to be aware of is that - if you´re used to full service diving where the dive shop puts everything together for you (i.e. equipment) and you just put it on and jump in - then diving in Israel will be a wake up call. Here in Israel you put everything together - which frankly - can be a little like jarring if you´re used to being pampered - sigh - you´ve been spoiled.

If you´ve going to Eilat - do give Sigala your business - they deserve it and you will have a good experience. Just be patient about finding it. Once you do, the staff will put you at ease and you will have a good time. Also they have cool grey t-shirts one of the best front side diving shirts I´ve seen.

Visited October 2011 



“the Safe and enjoyable choice to dive into the deep blue sea” 

 Reviewed October 23, 2011 

I had a dream to dive but fear held me back until I met "sigsls´s diving school", everyone Wrap me with a sense of security that did´nt disappear for a moment.
with Professional staff that accompanies and concerned to whom ever is around ,in depth and on land .
Guidance and training in all phases of the course gave me tremendous sense of security that will never go away....
so for that i want to thank everyon in sigsls´s diving school.. be sure you have a huge groupie .inbal.

Visited October 2011



“Best Dive center in Eilat HANDS DOWN” 

 Reviewed August 1, 2011 

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We ( my husband and I) dive in Eilat often. We have dove with many dive centers in the area and Sigala Diving School is no doubt FAR SUPERIOR to all others we have been to. The main reasons we will from now on exclusively use Sigala Dive School are:

1. The equipment is in excellent condition. A couple of the other dive shops we have gone to had equipment that honestly scared is that it was still in use . Sigalas equipment was well kept , maintained and cared for. When diving this is a HUGE deal considering you are renting equipment that your life depends on. lol. I was surprised at how well kept Sigalas equipment was.

2. The "customer service" is excellent ! We took a Rescue diver course and we had 100% of the dive instructors time and attention. The knowledge base that he had was great! any questions we could throw at him he answered and explained in great detail . We left truly feeling we had truly got a great education for the money. AND everyone was very friendly and made you feel they truly cared about your dive experiance.

3. Speaking of money...........The prices through Sigala are the cheapest we have paid in Eilat. I am not saying we have tried EVERY dive shop BUT we have tried a hand full and Sigala is the cheapest we have found . We also priced the Rescue Diver course online before we went just to see how much it was offered for in other parts of the world and Sigala was even cheaper than anything else we found online ( great bonus ! Everyone likes to save money :-)

All and all i was a great experiance and we will use Sigala Diving School from now on for all of our diving needs.

Visited July 2011



“Tranquile and happy scuba diving experience.” 

 Reviewed July 9, 2011 

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Once in a lifetime chance to undergo a scuba diving course in a unique calm, supporting and encouraging atmosphere. Great for kids (at the right age). Great personal touch by Sigala.



“Fantastic diving school with very professional staff” 

 Reviewed March 8, 2011  

I have been diving with Sigala for about two years now and each time it is a great pleasure. Sigala and her staff make sure everyone on a dive has fun and stays safe. The school keeps the groups small: no more than 4 students at a time. Their equipment is well maintained and of good quality. I have done dives with numerous other companies across the world, but for courses only dive with Sigala.
Sigala and her staff are also great fun and extremely friendly! Whether you´re looking for a beginner´s course, an introduction dive, specialty/advanced courses (or any kind of dive, really) in Eilat, make sure to contact this diving school!

Visited October 2010



“Thank you Sigala!”

 Reviewed October 30, 2011
Sigala lerne ich beim Tauchen kennen, und dann wollte mein Vater endlich auch den Tauchschein machen. Da war´s für mich völlig klar, dass er zu Sigala´s Tauchschule geht. Mit endloser Geduld, einem herzlichen Lächeln und viel Einfühlsamkeit hat Sigala meinen Vater zu einem Taucher gemacht. Und nicht einfach ein Taucher, sondern ein guter, begeisterter und motivierter Taucher. Er kennt die Namen der Fische noch vom Kurs, weiss, wo seine Limiten sind, und geniesst das Wasser.
Danke Sigala!

Visited November 2010


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