SSI-Dive Master Course

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SSI-Dive Master Course

Now that you have logged all those dives, you have spent countless hours in the water doing what you love-Scuba Diving, now it is time for the Brass Ring-Dive Master.

The Dive Master Scuba Diver is at the top of the ladder, they can lead certified divers on tours and teach classes along with a scuba diving instructor. This is the highly respected and sought after scuba diver for dive centers and dive boats.

Requirements to become a Dive Master candidate:

1. Current Master Diver certification from a recognized licensing organization, 

2. Minimum of 50 logged dives,

3. Completion of the Open Water, Advanced Open Water courses and certifications,

4. Completion of 4 Specialty Scuba Diving courses including-Navigation, Night and Limited Visibility Diving and Deep Diving, 

6. Completion of the Stress and Rescue course

7. Health Statement

8. Good physical health  

SSI-Dive Master Course